What is In It Together?

To us, it is the very sentiment of all we have witnessed during the Pandemic and the sense of community it has brought.

From the weekly clapping for the NHS and all key workers, to neighbours standing side by side to recognise the sheer gravity of what the world was becoming. For over 12 months, we have stayed away from those we love most in order to protect them so we can one day be reunited safely. We’ve come together as a community and celebrated those who often go unrecognised and we’ve reevaluated our lives to make the most out of them. 

That is where the concept of In It Together came from. It is a community, a festival, a reunion and a celebration. It is all that we’ve gone through and all that we’ve missed. 

In the heart of the Welsh valleys, we plan to bring it all together with international names, local emerging talent, festival goers, performers, volunteers and members of the local community. We want to reunite everyone with everything they love about life. 

Born out of a love of music, for Wales and the community, In It Together will celebrate it all on the Jubilee Weekend in June 2022.

We cannot wait see you all.