How You Can Improve Your Mental Health at In It Together

Festivals test anyone’s endurance—both physical and mental. Looking after your overall wellbeing whilst you dance the weekend away is fundamental to optimising your experience. As exciting as a festival site can be, it’s important to pace yourself and take breaks to ensure you’re getting enough sleep and eating regularly. You’ll want to be on top form whilst you’re two-stepping to Armand Van Helden, after all.

It’s always a good idea to buddy-up at a festival, but this is especially important if you have a mental health condition. Having someone you can trust by your side will mean you can navigate an emergency smoothly and you’ll be more likely to keep safe. Before you arrive, you should make a note of where the toilets, exits, water points and support services such as the medical tent are should you need them. If you suffer with low mood, it’s worth taking into account that alcohol is a depressant and may leave you feeling gloomy after a sesh, so please drink responsibly!

There’s plenty you can do to maintain your mental health at a festival, but what if you could improve it? 

Wellbeing is one of our core values at In It Together, which is why we’ve created The Retreat: an area dedicated solely to nourishing your body and mind. The area, sponsored by Samten, is a sanctuary for all festival goers looking to unwind. We’ve got meditation, yoga and fun fitness classes available as well as therapists holding massage and reiki sessions. Throughout the festival, we’ll have guest speakers hosting talks about mindset and nutrition and you’ll be able to visit stalls supplying facial oils, gym clothes and even an oxygen bar provided by Lextan. There’s something for everyone and we really recommend taking advantage of what’s on!