Welcome to the world of Festi Nomads...

Introducing Festi Nomads, an eclectic group of festival goers freed from routine and wander willingly through the festival landscape.

Each with their own unique characteristics and music preferences, they are bound together by their love for live events. Capturing all the weird and wonderful characters that you’d love to call your friend, the Festi Nomads invite you to join them for a weekend of escapism.

Brought to you by In It Together Festival, Festi Nomads is a collection of 12 Rare VIP NFTs with one extra special Nomad being rarer that the rest. Living on the Etherium blockchain, all Festi Nomads double as a lifetime pass to In It Together with each having its own unique benefits and offerings guaranteed to increase over time.

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The Nomads
Wander with us...

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